Platinum Passport Club

To our valued clients, welcome to the Platinum Passport Club, our way of saying thanks for your business and those you refer to us! Below are the details of this new and exciting program which allows you to be rewarded for your travel, and your friends’ and family’s travel as well – all free of charge.

Even if you haven’t traveled with us yet and have just booked your first package, you will still be able to take advantage of special sales and announcements; once you travel with us, you’ll start earning points!

ppccardOnce your initial travel with us is completed, you’ll accumulate Platinum Passport Club (PPC) points as follows:
• Receive 5,000 PPC points for initial sign up with the Club
• Earn 1 PPC point for each dollar spent with Berwick Travel
• Earn 500 PPC points per room, per night, for any referrals
• Each 100 PPC points equals one dollar off future Berwick Travel packages!

It’s easy to earn discounts off future trips. For example:

1. Sign up and receive 5,000 PPC points ($50)
2. Book a package for $3,500, earn 3,500 PPC points ($35)
3. Refer a friend who travels on a 5 night package, earn 2,500 PPC points ($25)
4. Use your 11,000 PPC points on your next trip and save $110, in addition to any discounts or promotions we’re offering – and still earn points from the new trip!

No limit on how many points you can earn – refer several friends, and save hundreds off your next trip! Platinum Passport Club points can be earned for any packages booked through us, and can be applied to future trips, Earn points for your honeymoon in Jamaica, then use those points the next year for an anniversary in Mexico. The points you earn in Mexico, use the following year for a family trip for 3 (know what we mean?) to Walt Disney World!

Look for Platinum Passport Club Bonus sales, where the amount of points you earn increases for reservations to specific destinations. Plus, participate in additional special members-only promotions and sales, be the first to hear about new resort openings & destinations, receive VIP amenities at some of our top resorts, and more!

Sound good? Ready to sign up? There’s no cost to you…ever. Simply fill out the below form and we’ll get you all set up as our newest Platinum Passport Club member, award you with 5,000 PPC points ($50 off your next trip), and welcome you to our family.

Please note that while we greatly appreciate your past business and any referrals, we’re unable to give credit for past trips or any trips/referrals booked prior to signing up. Also you must have traveled on a package with us prior to earning any points or receiving the 5,000 bonus points. Once your first travel is completed, you will receive the 5,000 bonus points and begin earning points for your future trips and referrals booked after the sign up process. The initial bonus points cannot be used for existing reservations, only for those booked after signup. 

Terms and Conditions

-Membership is one per household (US/Canadian residents only) with one household member designated as the Primary Club member.
-Only Primary member earns points, and only Primary member’s room (or rooms if household is traveling and requires more than one room) will earn points for that member, regardless of who Primary member is paying for.
-Points are awarded based on final package price (in USD) for Primary member, and are only awarded to current members (must be a traveled member prior to making a new reservation to earn points for that reservation.)
-Referrals must list Primary member as their referrer when making payment on their package. Referrals not specifically naming the Primary member or membership number will not be eligible for Primary member’s points. Only referrals booked after member signs up & travels will earn points.
-A referred client can only be referred for their initial package; after that the referred client becomes an existing client of Berwick Travel and can no longer be counted as a referral if they book a new package. Only one room can be used as referral; group referrals are counted as one room.
-Group bookings (defined as more than one room that receives a volume discount) are not eligible for referral credit.
-Points cannot be combined with other member’s points, even if staying in same room.
-Points are not redeemable for money off on products, destinations, or suppliers that do not allow discounting (this includes all cruise lines). Points can still be earned on those trips.
-Initial point bonus is applied to member’s account only after completion of initial travel; for current clients that have traveled in the past with Berwick Travel, the points are applied immediately but cannot be used for reservations made prior to signing up.
-Points are credited upon completion of member’s and/or referral’s travel.
-If a reservation is price matched against a competitor, PPC points cannot be applied as an additional discount, but member will earn points for the booked trip once traveled.
-Only travel booked after initial signup will count towards PPC points; no retroactive points will be credited for trips traveled prior to signup.
-Points are redeemed at final payment with authorization of Primary member (i.e. submitting the PPC member number) and discount is taken off balance due. Points redeemed cannot exceed the balance due and cannot be applied after final payment processes.
-Points redeemed for travel that is not taken due to cancellation will be credited back into Primary member’s account
-Points may be applied to another’s reservation (such as a gift for honeymoon, etc.) provided Primary member is paying for the package and provides written authorization; Primary member will not earn points for the other reservation.
-Points are not redeemable for cash, and program can end at any time. Terms of this Club subject to change with written notice from Berwick Travel.