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Please note that you will not see a charge from Berwick Travel on your credit card statement; the charge will come from our supplier (Vacation Express or Funjet Vacations, for example) and/or the airline directly (American or Delta, for example.) Payment may take 7-10 business days to fully process and be reflected on your statement. Use of an airline-branded credit card or other benefit enabled card for a package purchase is not applicable for any airline-specific perks (free baggage, preferred boarding zone, etc.).

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NOTICE: Travel in today’s environment is quite a bit different from just a few months ago. Airlines have stricter restrictions, mandate masks, and have instituted temperature screenings; hotels have enhanced safety and sanitation protocols and may have changed their standards and policies on site (some may now require reservations for dinner, or limit restaurant openings/capacity, or limit bar capacity, and so on). You agree that you are aware of and understand these restrictions, as not adhering to what is required may result in denied boarding of the flight or issues/restrictions at hotel check in. You also agree that you understand and accept the risk of traveling during a global pandemic. Berwick Travel is only an agent of these travel suppliers and you agree to hold Berwick Travel harmless for any issues, restrictions, penalties, or cancellations that arise via new policies and procedures, or any medical conditions or illnesses in or attributed to your destination.