Insurance/Travel Protection

Please ask your Travel Consultant to determine which supplier your package is booked through, and choose the appropriate supplier below. Typically your confirmation number will indicate the supplier: seven digits (i.e. 1522632) is Vacation Express; eight letters/digits (i.e. Y35260E3) is ALGV Brand Vacations; five digits plus a letter (i.e. 37432W) is Gogo Vacations.

Information and coverages were current as of publishing of this page, and are subject to change. Insurance cannot be added on after deposit is submitted!

ALGV Insurance (Travel Protection Plus):

For brands: Funjet Vacations, Travel Impressions, Apple Vacations, United Vacations. For SWAV, click here.

By purchasing our Travel Protection Plus, travelers can relax and have confidence in their vacation purchase. If needed, travelers can cancel their trip for any reason. Simply call us at any time prior to departure to cancel and receive a refund, minus the cost of the Travel Protection Plus. Other benefits include no fees for vacation revisions, hurricane travel credit, and during travel benefits such as 24-hour emergency assistance, baggage protection and more.

Plus, when purchasing the Travel Protection Plus on Mexico, Caribbean, Hawaii and Central America vacations, travelers also receive our Price Protection Guarantee — where if the hotel portion of the vacation price decreases after the booking is made, the traveler will receive the lower rate. This benefit also applies to airfare on Exclusive Nonstop Vacation Flight Vacations. 

To review full plan details online, go to prior to your purchase, or for a summary of this information, review the Travel Protection section below.

Inclusions: Pre-Departure Penalty Waiver Provided by Funjet Vacations (non-insurance features)
• Cancel for ANY reason and get a full refund less the cost of the travel protection
• Enjoy a reduced deposit to secure your vacation package. Land only packages require no deposit.
• No revision fees or change fees that could quickly add up
• Our lowest price guarantee on Mexico, Caribbean, Hawaii and Central America vacations
• No need to worry about the weather with our Hurricane Travel Credit

This plan will not cover differences between single/double/triple occupancy rates if less than the entire party cancels, and will not cover partial cancellations of packages. Insurance also will not cover components of the package purchased/booked from a different supplier/source. Insurance will not cover denied boarding issues.

Additional Information: Eligibility: This plan is only available to U.S. (except Puerto Rico) residents booking their travel with ALGV Brands.
Note to Minnesota, Missouri and New York residents only: You are not required to purchase the Post-Departure Travel Insurance in order to purchase the Pre-Departure Penalty Waiver.

The following items are not refundable under Travel Protection
• “No Show” situations where the traveler does not check in and denied boarding situations are not covered
• Non-refundable hotel rates
• Air not purchased from ALGV Brands Vacations
• If the number of individuals occupying a room decreases, the remaining travelers will be responsible for additional costs incurred as a result of a change in the per person occupancy rate
• Nonrefundable travel agent fees may be included in your package price. Please consult your travel agent.
• No name changes or substitutions on travel protection plans
• Cost to change to an alternate scheduled airline as a result of an airline schedule change prior to departure
• The cost of the travel protection plan

Pre Travel Coverage: Part A – Pre-Departure Penalty Waiver and Other Non-Insurance Services Provided by ALGV Brands Vacations

Cancellation for Any Reason Waiver: You may cancel your vacation for ANY reason prior to departure and receive a full refund for your vacation, including, non-refundable airfares booked through Funjet Vacations. Non-refundable hotel rates are not included. Your refund is made in the original form of payment.

The protection provided by Part A is not transferable or refundable.

Price Guarantee (provided by ALGV Brands Vacations): Guarantees the lowest price on the vacation booking! If the price of the hotel on your Funjet Vacation drops after booking the reservation, just let us know and we’ll adjust the reservation to the lower price.
• Scheduled Air and Hotel-Only Vacations: Price Guarantee applies on the hotel portion of the vacation.
• Exclusive Nonstop Vacation Flight Vacations: Price Guarantee applies on the air and hotel portion of the vacation.
Price Guarantee not available on groups booked through our group department.
The price guarantee applies to Mexico, Caribbean, Hawaii and Central America vacations. The price adjustment must be made to the reservation while the lower Funjet rate is available in the system. If the price does decrease on your Funjet Vacation, please contact your travel agent or Funjet Vacations at 1-888-558-6654.

Low Deposit (provided by ALGV Brands Vacations): Enjoy a reduced deposit to secure your vacation package! Land only packages require no deposit. The deposit for air only and air-inclusive packages with Exclusive Nonstop Vacation Flight air is $50 per person. The deposit for air-inclusive packages with scheduled air is $100 per person. Valid when booking 46 days or more prior to departure date. The Low Deposit feature does not apply to scheduled air only or contracted groups.

No Revision Fees (provided by ALGV Brands Vacations): Need to make a change? Any revision fees for the FIRST instance are automatically waived including ALGV Brands Vacations, airline and any ALGV Brands Vacations penalties, so you won’t be charged additional fees to make a change to your reservation. If you need to revise any portion of your vacation prior to departure date, supplier-imposed fees such as airline and hotel revision penalties will be covered for the FIRST revision instance. Any additional fees incurred from changes made to your vacation after the FIRST revision are not waived.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If the traveler chooses to decline repurchasing the Travel Protection Plus after a supplier-imposed fee is waived, the travelers will be subject to any subsequent fees for any further revisions or cancellations and will lose all of the benefits available with the Travel Protection Plus. To repurchase Travel Protection Plus at the reduced rate, contact your travel agent or ALGV Brands Vacations at 1-888-558-6654.

Hurricane Travel Credit (provided by ALGV Brands Vacations): The Hurricane Travel Credit applies for vacations departing June through November. While in destination, if your Funjet trip is disrupted for 24 hours or more due to a Category One or greater hurricane, you will receive a refund for unused or interrupted vacation nights plus a “Fresh Start” certificate for a future vacation. “Fresh Start” certificate amounts:
• $100 per adult, $50 per child for Exclusive Nonstop Vacation Flights* and $25 per person for Scheduled Air Vacations^. “Fresh Start” certificates are non-transferable and are not redeemable for cash and can be used on a Funjet Vacation for travel any time (excluding holidays) for one year from the original departure date.
• A qualifying disruption occurs when your hotel requires you to be displaced from their room for 24 hours or more due to the result of a Category One or greater hurricane and does not apply to hurricane watches, warnings or tropical storms. The Hurricane Travel Credit Plan applies to the nights you are displaced from your hotel if a comparable hotel of equal or greater hotel rating is not provided.
• Business rules concerning the air portion of the vacation will vary by airline. Typically, each airline’s rules will be published when a hurricane/tropical storm occurs and will be specific to that storm.
• Clients who believe they are eligible for benefits stated above due to a hurricane will need to send a written request with their name, hotel and a description of their displacement.

*The following may be considered Exclusive Nonstop Vacation Flight air: Allegiant Air, Frontier Airlines, Miami Air, Miami Air operated by TUI Airlines Belgium N.V., Spirit Airlines, Sun Country Airlines, Swift Air, Viva Aerobus, Volaris in the designated classes of service of F, S, L, C, Z or Y.

^Scheduled Air Vacations: include all published and bulk airfares in classes of services not listed under Exclusive Nonstop Vacation Flight Vacations (flights are designated as published air or bulk air in the electronic booking tool).

During Travel Coverage: POST-DEPARTURE TRAVEL PROTECTION PLAN – Post Departure Travel Insurance Benefits are administered by: Trip Mate, Inc.* (*in CA & UT, dba Trip Mate Insurance Agency). Plan payments are non-refundable and non-transferable. Review full plan details online at

Vacation Express PPP+:

UPDATE 3/24/2020: PPP+ cannot be purchased for air-inclusive vacations. Please see this page for more information on PPP and VPI for air-inclusive vacation packages.

All cancellations on the PPP+ Plan must be received by Vacation Express up to 2 hours prior to original scheduled departure time per your documents or by 9am the day of arrival for hotel-only bookings. If you are traveling more than 30 days from the date of your booking and you have made a booking using Vacation Express exclusive charter flights or a hotel-only booking, you can purchase PPP+ any time prior to final payment. If you are traveling within 30 days from date of booking, PPP+ must be purchased no later than the date final payment is due. When traveling on a hotel and air package using any major airline, PPP+ must be added at the time of making your first payment. Once payment is received on the reservation, you can no longer add PPP+. When you purchase PPP+, you will be refunded the full package price in the original form of payment minus the cost of PPP+ if you need to cancel your trip.

Post Departure Coverage
Travel protection coverages are underwritten by Arch Insurance Company.


BenefitsMaximum Benefit Amount
Part A – Travel Arrangement Protection
Trip Interruption$1,000
Occupancy Upgrade$1,000
Missed Connection$1,000 | 3+ hour delay
Trip Delay$300 [$150/day | 8+ hour delay]
Part B – Travel Insurance Benefits
Emergency Medical Expense/Emergency Evacuation and Repatriation of Remains$25,000 | Includes $750 emergency dental
Coverage For Your Belongings and Property of Others
Baggage and Personal Effects$1,000 | $300 per item | $600 Combined Article limit
Baggage Delay$300 | 12+ hour delay
24/7 Worldwide Assistance ServicesIncluded

Notice to Minnesota, Missouri and New York Residents: Residents of the State of Minnesota, Missouri and New York are not required to purchase the Individual Passenger Protection Plan in order to purchase Vacation Express’ Penalty Protection Plan Benefit. Please contact your Vacation Express travel consultant for details.

For more details on this plan, please visit


Gogo Worldwide Vacations Insurance:

UPDATE 3/17/2020: CFAR “cash-back” protection is no longer available. Please ask us for details.

GOGO Vacations’ Cancel for Any Reason waiver (CFAR) reimburses travelers for the cost of their vacation package for any reason up to two hours prior to the booked airline time on day of departure once purchased by a traveler. Travelers will receive a full refund for the cost of their vacation less the price of the policy to their original booking form of payment.

GOGO Vacations Cancel for Any Reason & Basic Travel Protection Policy Terms and Conditions
• The CFAR waiver covers pre-departure trip costs only, while the Basic Travel Protection provides post- departure protection;
• The policy must be added and paid in full at the time of initial deposit;
• Travel Arrangements not booked by GOGO Vacations are not eligible to purchase the policy: For example, but not limited to, Southwest Airlines, Interjet Airlines & Frontier Airlines (which are booked directly with the airline’s website) are not covered by CFAR;
• Booking must have a land component to be eligible to purchase the policy;
• Policy is not applicable for air only bookings;
• If the number of individuals occupying the room decreases, the remaining travelers will be responsible for
additional costs incurred as a result of the change in per person occupancy rate;
• When travelers “no show” including without limitation, the traveler does not check in or is denied
boarding the CFAR Waiver does not apply;
• The maximum refunded amount will be $4,000 per person (this is not average per person pricing);

Basic Plan Travel Protection Policy (during travel coverage):
• Up to 100% of trip cost for covered Trip Interruption; up to $200 ($100/day) Trip Delay; up to $5,000 Medical Coverage; up to $800 Lost Luggage; up to $100 Baggage Delay.
• For additional information regarding the plan call: Aon Affinity at 1-800-539-9277 or 1-516-342-7300
• To obtain your state-specific Certificate of Insurance that contains the complete terms, conditions,
limitations and exclusions of the certificate, visit:

This plan will not cover differences between single/double/triple occupancy rates if less than the entire party cancels, and will not cover partial cancellations of packages. Insurance also will not cover components of the package purchased/booked from a different supplier/source. Insurance will not cover denied boarding issues.

Walt Disney Travel Company Insurance:

The plan includes the following coverage and benefits, subject to certain exclusions and limitations:
* Trip Cancellation/Interruption (up to $10,000 maximum), including coverage for nonrefundable unused prepaid airfare purchased through Walt Disney Travel Company, a Travel Agent, or directly by guest, for covered reasons such as:
o Employee termination or layoff through no fault of your own after the effective date of coverage if you are an active employee with same employer for at least 1 year
o Called into active military duty, having military leave revoked or being reassigned within 10 days of departure date
o A disabling illness, injury or death causing trip to be cancelled o Hurricane or inclement weather causing complete cessation of travel services at the point of departure and/or destination
* Trip Delay ($600/6 hour minimum)
* Baggage Delay ($500 maximum)
* Loss of Baggage/Personal Effects ($2,000 maximum)
* Medical Expenses ($20,000 maximum)
* Emergency Medical Transportation ($20,000)
* Accidental Death & Dismemberment (AD&D) ($25,000 maximum)
* 24-hour Emergency Travel Assistance (non-insurance services provided by Travel Guard Assist)

Although vacation insurance includes coverage for loss of personal effects (as well as medical and other expenses), this coverage may already be included in your client’s homeowner’s (or other insurance) policies. Insurance coverage must be purchased no later than the final payment date or with payment of non-refundable air tickets. Vacation insurance is non-refundable once deposit has been received. Clients will receive a Certificate of Insurance with their final documents, which describes the benefits and exclusions in detail.

This plan will not cover differences between single/double/triple occupancy rates if less than the entire party cancels, and will not cover partial cancellations of packages. Insurance also will not cover components of the package purchased/booked from a different supplier/source. Insurance will not cover denied boarding issues.

Disney Cruise Line Insurance:

The insurance portion of the Vacation Protection Plan is provided through World Access Service Corporation and will protect your vacation investment in the case of certain unforeseen covered circumstances such as illness or delays that result in the cancellation or interruption of your vacation.

The plan is effective at 12:01 a.m. on the day your trip begins except for Trip Cancellation coverage which is effective on the date the insurance payment is received by Disney Cruise Vacations. The plan is completely refundable should you cancel your reservation prior to the cancellation penalty period. The following is a brief summary of the protection offered.

Trip Cancellation/Interruption Protection*
Full reimbursement for any non-refundable penalties incurred if you must cancel or interrupt your trip due to covered medical conditions or other specified causes affecting you, immediate family members, or your travel companions.

Travel Delay Protection*
If your trip is delayed due to a covered reason, you will be reimbursed up to $500 per guest to cover additional accommodations, meals and transportation.

Emergency Medical/Dental Coverage*
For emergency sickness or injury while on your trip, you will be reimbursed up to $10,000 per guest for covered emergency medical expenses.

Emergency Evacuation
Serious illness or injury may necessitate emergency air or ground transportation. The policy will cover up to $30,000 per guest for covered transfer to the nearest medical facility.

Emergency Assistance
World-wide assistance with a 24-hour hotline when you need help with lost documents, cash transfers, and other travel-related problems.

Baggage Protection*
The policy provides up to $3,000 per guest in baggage and personal effects protection due to covered loss, theft or damage. For airline delays of more than 24 hours, you will be reimbursed up to $500 for a reasonable, additional purchase of essential items.

This is just a brief description of benefits. Pre-Existing Condition exclusions and other limitations and restrictions apply. A Certificate of Insurance outlining full terms and conditions of coverage is included with your travel documents. The Emergency Evacuation and Assistance services are provided by Access America, a division of World Access Service Corporation.

If you purchase the Vacation Protection Plan and cancel your vacation for any reason not covered by the insurance portion of the plan, you will receive a credit equal to 75% of the non-refundable cancellation penalty toward a future vacation arranged by Disney Cruise Vacations which commences within one year after the cancellation date.
* Insurance coverages underwritten by BCS Insurance Company
Please note that insurance coverage for loss of personal effects may be included in some homeowners’ policies.

This plan will not cover differences between single/double/triple occupancy rates if less than the entire party cancels, and will not cover partial cancellations of packages. Insurance also will not cover components of the package purchased/booked from a different supplier/source. Insurance will not cover denied boarding issues.


Coverage amounts and inclusions may vary, please contact us for the most up to date information. If insurance is added, it must be for all guests on the reservation; cannot be split. Insurance cost is non-refundable. Failure to add insurance/travel protection to a reservation can result in 100% loss of package price, regardless of reason for cancellation. No -shows are not covered by any travel protection and are 100% non-refundable. 

Berwick Travel or its designated subsidiaries are not a licensed insurance broker or agent. In referring the user to an insurance company or supplier policy, Berwick Travel is not selling insurance or providing coverage advice or counsel relative to coverage; all coverage, refund, and terms and conditions are solely handed by the policy provider. Berwick Travel does not solicit, take, or process insurance applications, nor does it negotiate or execute insurance contractors. For policy questions, or to obtain insurance, please contact the insurance provider directly.



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