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Travel Protection Plans vary in coverage and inclusions based on which supplier Berwick Travel uses. Your specific supplier should be listed in your invoice as well as in the courtesy hold e-mail you received. If you are unsure of the supplier, or it is not listed, please ask your Travel Consultant for more information.

You must fill out the form below confirming that you know your supplier and have read their specific Travel Protection plan details (links below), that you understand the terms and conditions along with the methods of coverage and forms of refund available, and are aware of the risks incurred if waiving the Travel Protection plan. 

Travel Protection Agreement (required)

Terms & Conditions

Travel Protection Insurance is highly recommended, and cannot be added on after deposit is paid. If insurance is waived, portions of package price may be non-refundable, even in the case of weather issues, flight cancellations, travel restrictions, force majeure, or resort closures; please ask for details. If you are choosing Travel Protection, please make sure to include the Travel Protection cost with initial deposit amount. If Travel Protection is added, it must be for all guests on the reservation; cannot be split. Failure to add Travel Protection cost to deposit payment will result in the Travel Protection NOT being included in your package.

By submitting, you certify that you have read and understand the appropriate Travel Protection Insurance plan for your travel package supplier. (If you do not know which supplier this is, you MUST ask your Travel Consultant.) You certify that you understand which supplier your package is booked through and have read all details on the specific Travel Protection plan offered, along with (a) risks incurred if waiving and (b) methods/limitations of coverage and forms of refund available if adding it to your package.

Cancellation penalties may apply if Travel Protection is waived, up to the full package price. Initial deposit is 100% non-refundable once processed unless covered by Travel Protection. Travel Protection cost is non-refundable regardless of reason, even if a supplier cancels a package through no fault of traveler.

Following are direct links to our preferred partners’ plans for full and up-to-date details. 

If you do not see your travel supplier listed or are unsure about which supplier you are booked through, please contact your Travel Consultant.

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