Frequently Asked Questions

Before You Leave

Ensure you have all of your ID’s and documents (and a pen) on hand, not packed in your main luggage. VERIFY YOU HAVE PROPER ID’S NOW, DON’T WAIT UNTIL JUST BEFORE YOU DEPART! Passports are required for all US and Canadian citizens traveling internationally via air, and should be valid for at least 6 months after travel date.

If your package includes a honeymoon or anniversary feature, you will need to bring a marriage certificate as proof of marriage date. Guests being married at the resort must bring original documents needed.

Minors under 18 years of age traveling alone, with only one parent, or a third party (or who have a different last name than parent) may need additional notarized paperwork; minors 14-17 traveling to the Dominican Republic will need photo ID.

Please refer to TERMS for detailed document requirements. We cannot be responsible for missed flights due to lack of proper documents. If you have any questions at all about document requirements, please contact us prior to departure, as proof of citizenship is your responsibility. Double-check your tickets/vouchers (enclosed) for accuracy and contact us with any questions.

Because your room may not be immediately available upon check in (most resorts have a check in time of 3PM), pack your carryon with a bathing suit. This way you can take full advantage of the resort’s included amenities (pools, beach, dining, etc.) as soon as you arrive – even before the room is ready. The resorts will normally offer changing facilities as well.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Liquids in carryon bags must be 3 oz bottles or less and be in a clear, one quart-sized ziploc bag, or they will be confiscated at Security checkpoints.

Bring small denominations in US currency. It’s widely accepted, but change will be in local currency, and ATM’s are hard to find.

Check with your cellular carrier about coverage at your destination – in many cases, even their international roaming rates will be significantly less expensive than the hotel phone, and much more convenient (calling home from the beach!)

Men – remember long pants, collared shirts, and closed-toe dress shoes, as many of the restaurants have a dress code. Some resorts have fine dining that require a jacket; ask for details. For women, sun dresses & sandals, etc. are fine.

Don’t forget suntan lotion, bug repellent, sunglasses, and medications (prescription medications/needles will need to be clearly marked and documented by the doctor.) Be sure to pack all traditional film in your carryon, as new airport screening machines for checked baggage may destroy film. Digital cameras are not affected.

The Day You Depart

If you have purchased the pre-departure cancellation insurance and do need to cancel, please contact the number provided in your documents on the vouchers themselves (not the insurance brochure) prior to the flight’s departure. For last-minute cancellations, this number (not our office, which may be closed) must be called. If you’re not able to speak with someone in our office directly about cancellations before departure, you must contact the provided number; leaving a message with our agency or only contacting the insurance company will not ensure coverage.

You MUST check in at the airport at least two hours prior to your departure time or risk being denied boarding without refund; airlines are very strict about this! Call the airline 24-48 hours before travel to reconfirm your flight times.

If you do run into any flight problems at the airport, do not leave the airport, as this may cause your tickets to be voided. In most cases our office and our suppliers will be closed that early in the morning, so make sure to have the airline representative onsite handle it immediately; ask them to “reprotect” your tickets. If your flight is delayed, rest assured your airport transfers will still be valid that day as the transfer companies are updated of flight changes. If for some reason your flight is postponed until the next day, please contact us so we can notify the resort that you are not a “no-show” and won’t lose your reservation; we may even be able to shift your travel dates with the resort to give you the same length of stay.

When You Arrive

Have your transfer voucher handy and head to the Ground Transportation area of the airport, just outside baggage claim. Make sure to have a few American dollars available for the airport’s SkyCaps – they are not employed by the resort, and are very assertive (and helpful) in transferring your bags to the correct shuttle!

Do not accept transfers from anyone but the company listed in your travel documents, even those promising free transfers.

Time share companies are abundant in foreign countries, and you may be approached both at the airport (offering free transfers, but see the above note) and at your resort during your stay. If not interested, a simple “No, thank you” will suffice. If you do decide to attend a time share presentation, make sure to receive your free gift/offer before you attend, and don’t make any decisions on the spot (it’s your vacation, maybe not the best time to make big financial decisions!)

When you arrive, plan ahead/reserve times for things such as dinner reservations, excursions, snorkeling/scuba, Spa treatments, and activities, as they can fill up quickly. You can usually do this immediately upon arrival.

As soon as you arrive at your room, put valuables in the room safe – for you honeymooners, put those new wedding rings in there, as they may not be sized properly, and they just may end up at the bottom of the ocean while waterskiing!

If you plan to scuba dive, arrange your resort certification test (if applicable) with the Watersports department as soon as you arrive, and remember you cannot dive on the day you depart, so don’t wait until the last day.

All inclusive resorts normally include all gratuities, so tipping is not necessary, but outside the resort (buses, etc.) it’s recommended.

Any questions at all, the Front Desk or Guest Services can answer them, or direct you to the proper party. If there were any problems during your stay, please make the management staff aware of it while you are still at the resort so it can be documented, and let us know as soon as you return.

The Day You Return

Make sure to find out what time the shuttle bus is taking you back to the airport;. The bus will depend on what flight & flight time you have, so check with the Bell Desk or Guest Services. Some resorts ask that you confirm your return transfer with Guest Services 24 hours before departure.

Pack your carryon with appropriate clothing – if you have a later flight, don’t be stuck wearing your travel clothes all day! Pack a bathing suit and enjoy one last day at the pool, and take advantage of a Hospitality Room (check with Front Desk for location) to change/freshen up before departure.

The resort Gift Shop is a nice last-day stop for resort-branded gear, but the airport duty-free shops will usually have the best deals on alcohol/tobacco/souvenir products.