5 Cruise Experiences You Didn’t Know About

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A few things are expected when it comes to cruising, such as live entertainment, glamorous days at the pool and lazy days at the spa. And while setting sail somewhere across the seven seas is almost always guaranteed to be a great time, some cruise lines are really going above and beyond to offer travelers some of the most unique experiences and accommodations.

Brews on Deck with Carnival Vista

Cruise lines around the world are offering a plethora of new activities and attractions such as cooking classes, yoga and nighttime bar crawls in different cities to appeal to younger travelers. Among these new changes is another notable addition: breweries on deck. The Redfrog Pub and Brewery is a unique dining option onboard the Carnival Vista cruise liner. Each beer served is crafted using the ship’s state-of-the-art brewing system that desalinizes sea water to create the perfect brews.  What’s on the menu? Cruisers can delight in tasty craft beers like the ThirstyFrog Port Hoppin’ IPA, the FriskyFrog Java Stout and the ThirstyFrog American Pale Ale.

Racing at Sea with Norwegian Bliss

The Norwegian Bliss is set apart from other cruise ships with its impressive pool deck, stellar dining options and two-level electric car racetrack. Yes, you read that right, the Norwegian Bliss is home to the largest race track at sea. While the concept of a racetrack on deck may sound like the complete opposite of relaxing, the cars are almost totally silent so cruisers can put their driving skills to the test without disturbing other travelers.

Honorable mention: The Norwegian Bliss also has a large open-air laser tag course. Oh, and did we mention that it’s space themed? Pew pew.

Designer Influence with Celebrity Edge

Are your travelers looking to sail in style? Cruise liner Celebrity Edge teamed up with famous designers Nate Berkus and Kelly Hoppen to create two seriously gorgeous event spaces. The first space, Eden, is a three-level room with over 11,800 square feet of event space. Eden is so grand and luxurious that it has a reputation of being “a room that lives.” The ship’s second space, Magic Carpet, is equally unique, allowing travelers to soar over the open ocean on a floating platform 13 stories above sea level. Magic Carpet includes comfortable seating, a full bar and live music, making it a destination of its own.

Stroll Through Central Park with Oasis of the Seas

Looking for a little green space after days away on the open ocean? The Oasis of the Seas is home to the first living park at sea with tens of thousands of plants and trees on board. Central Park is the perfect place for travelers to get away from the crowds and relax with open-air dining options, luxury shopping and the calming sound of crickets and other wildlife playing in the background. Another unique feature on this ship is the Rising Tide Bar where cruisers can sip their favorite cocktail, wine or beer on an elevator-like bar that travels from Central Park to the Royal Promenade. 

Dogs are Welcome on the Queen Mary 2

Yup, that’s right; travelers are welcome to bring their furry friends aboard the RMS Queen Mary 2. This ship is the only passenger vessel at sea equipped with all-inclusive accommodation for four-legged friends. A full-time kennel master is always on deck to pamper and care for dogs while their owners are out and about enjoying their vacation. And the best part? Guests can spend time with their pets every day so they can sit back and enjoy peace of mind knowing they don’t have to worry about leaving their dogs behind.

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